We believe in giving our clients all the advantages of dental technology, which is why we are excited to be able to offer you the benefits of the DEXIS CariVu.

What is the CariVu?

The CariVu is a portable decay detection device. This wand-shaped tool is used on the teeth to find any lesions or cracks— no matter how small.

One of the most important aspects of excellent dental work is an accurate diagnosis, and CariVu’s innovative technology allows us to give you that diagnosis quickly and safely. Using transillumination technology, CariVu helps us see right through individual teeth. This means we can see any decay inside your tooth!

As you can imagine, this makes for a truly thorough scanning process. This technology also makes it much easier to spot problems in your teeth before they have the chance to develop.

Early detection tools like this one are vital to preserving your good oral health. If we have the opportunity, we want to catch oral health issues as soon as they begin to develop. Using the CariVu can potentially help you avoid serious procedures like root canals.

What are the advantages of CariVu?

Instead of using ionizing radiation the way some x-rays do, CariVu only uses near-infrared light. This makes the process safer, particularly for children, pregnant women, or patients who are nervous about the x-ray process.

CariVu offers potentially higher levels of accuracy than other dental methods might. Because CariVu can see right through the tooth, it reveals more than a traditional method can. As a result, this can lead to more accurate diagnoses.

Lastly, CariVu generates images that are easy to read and understand, for dentists as well as clients. Our staff would be happy to help you interpret the results of your scan, so you can better understand your own oral health.

We know that discovering oral health issues now will save you time, money, and pain in the future! If you have any questions about CariVu technology or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today!

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