General and Family Dentistry

We don’t want you to feel like we’re just another dental office. We are a home. We are a family. That’s how we’ll treat you here at Perkins Dental. Whatever your needs are, we’ll welcome you with open arms and the down-home southern hospitality you deserve.

Families Are Welcome

Raising kids is already a more-than-full-time job. It’s hard enough getting them in and out of the car for errands, nevermind the dentist. You need a place that’s good with children, covers all of your dental needs, and can do it in one convenient location.

Perkins Dental is that place. No matter what shape your family comes in, we’ll take you here.

Our cozy manner and quality training will have your children feeling comfortable with us in no time. While you’re here, go ahead and relax. Let us do the work for a little while.

We Have What You Need

As a general and family dentistry, we cover a wide range of services and treatments.

Regular check-ups and cleanings are the bread and butter of the dental industry. Our goal as a dental office is to catching existing problems as early as possible, as well as to prevent any further issues from developing. The best and easiest way to maintain a healthy mouth is to keep a close eye on it. That’s exactly what Perkins Dental will do for you.

If any problems do occur, we’ll set you up with top-of-the-line equipment, the most modern understanding of oral anatomy, and the very best professionalism that Mississippi can offer.

We fill cavities, clean gums, treat jaw pain due to TMDs, replace lost teeth, and so much more. Check out our services page for a complete listing of everything that we can do for you.

Welcome to Perkins Dental

From the moment you set up your appointment, our professional staff will take care of you on every step of your journey with Perkins Dental. For an appointment, give us a call today.