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Clear Aligners

No one is born with perfect teeth. Not even models, movie stars, or famous politicians. They’re regular people, just like everyone else. So what is the difference between their precision-straight smiles and our slightly more quirky ones?

Traditionally, a little work and a lot of money.

But there’s good news! Great smiles are no longer just for the rich and famous. Between our greater understanding of dental anatomy and rapidly-improving technology, we have access to treatments and techniques that can have you looking like a star without spending like one.

Here at Perkins Dental, we offer not just one option but two. Both Invisalign and Trez Clear Aligners will allow you to straighten your teeth with minimal inconvenience.


For many years, the traditional method for orthodontic straightening has been wire and brackets. Wire braces are safe and effective, but they come with several downsides—downsides that may be keeping you from giving your teeth the work they deserve.

Wires are extremely visible. They are hard to clean. They can be painful if they catch on the soft tissues inside the mouth. Worst of all, they can be permanent for as long as two years or more.

Invisalign and Trez Clear Aligners eliminate all of that.

Both brands use a nearly invisible aligner that is shaped uniquely for your mouth. It is made of comfortable medical plastic. It’s removeable. It’s easy to clean. It can be worn during any activity—yes, including while you eat. And because it’s clear and so perfectly shaped for you, both you and your friends might forget it’s even there!

How Does It Work?

With traditional wire braces, you need to occasionally to get the wires adjusted. This puts pressure on the teeth, pushing them where they need to go. But Invisalign and Trez Clear Aligners have no wires to adjust. So how to they actually help?

Every week or so, you’ll simply replace the old aligner with a new one that has been molded to replicate the same pressure. It’s that easy. No mess. No pain. No awkward adjustments or rubber bands.

This alignment process lasts, on average, about a year. That’s half the average for wire braces, and with so much less work.

Check Out Our Clear Aligners Today

If you’ve ever had any doubts about straightening your teeth, doubt no longer. Clear Aligners will give you everything you need in a treatment. Give Perkins Dental a call today so that we can get started on your perfect smile.