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Root Canal

‘Root canal’ is a dreaded phrase for quite a few people. TV often uses it as a synonym for fear, or a plot device wherein the protagonist dramatically overcomes all odds.

Fortunately, there is no need for worry. The honest truth is that root canals are a very safe, easy to understand procedure. Because we care about your comfort as much as about your teeth, Perkins Dental will walk you through the entire process.

What is the Root Canal?

There are several parts to the tooth. The crown is the tough, enamelled bit we can see. It’s what we usually think of when we picture teeth. But it can’t work alone. The crown needs to be anchored into your mouth somehow. That anchor is called the root.

Deep inside the structure of the teeth, there is soft tissue made of nerves and vessels. This soft tissue—known as pulp—connects to the rest of the mouth by running out through the bottom of the root and into the jaw. The tiny channel through which the vessels run is called the root canal.

Why Do I Need a Root Canal Treatment?

Cavities happen to nearly everyone. With our modern understanding of teeth and the technology available to us, filling a cavity is one of the simplest procedures a dentist can perform.
However, not all cavities are created equal. They can happen in all parts of the teeth, and in many different sizes and shapes. Sometimes infection and decay occurs in the pulp that runs through the root canal.

A root canal treatment is the process used to clean out the infection and restore your teeth to complete health.

How Does it Work?

Exactly like a regular cavity, actually. The only difference is the depth.

One of our dentists will enter the tooth through the top. Using a specially-designed flexible tool, they will clean out all decay and infection. Then, just like a normal filling, the cleaned root will be patched up with a gentle material and capped with a protective crown.

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Root canals are safe and simple. If you have pain or sensitivity in your teeth, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll have you fixed up as good as new with as much comfort and as little stress as possible.